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Sofa armchairs

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  1. A cute and fluffy sofa with spacious seating space that can accommodate various sitting positions. You can even sit around your legs. This comfortable plush wide single person sofa chair has an ideal size and is an ideal leisure place for families such as children and adults. Combined with a wooden frame and thick metal legs, it is durable and can withstand up to 300 pounds.
  2. The modern square bathtub armchair is lightweight and can only be lifted by one person. This small bucket chair is easy to move and can be used as a backup chair for homes or apartments. It can also be used as an additional chair or occasionally as a chair.
  3. Leisure fluffy club armchair with open backrest, made of soft imitation lambskin material, skin friendly, breathable, and scratch resistant. The curved backrest is very comfortable, like clouds, and the armrest is at a perfect height to support your shoulders and arms. The seats and armrests are filled with high-density foam, which has enough elasticity and is not easy to move from bottom to top.
Sofa armchairs Sofa armchairs Sofa armchairs

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