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Handheld mini fan

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  1. Customizing hands that are suitable for each user is what we want to do. Our portable handheld mini fan features a smooth circular appearance, ensuring a comfortable handheld feel, and is equipped with a 3000mAh high battery powered turbo motor for effective cooling in hot summers.
  2. This mini handheld fan comes with a 2-speed setting. Can freely switch between mild and strong winds. Fully charged for 2.5-3 hours, allowing you to enjoy up to 15-22 hours of running time almost all day. Maintain maximum cooling time for indoor or outdoor activities.
  3. This is our upgraded portable handheld fan, different from other products. It has 3 silicone blades that will increase the strong surround cool airflow by 30%, keeping you in a comfortable environment. The wind direction angle can be adjusted from 30 ° to 90 ° to meet your needs anywhere. Stable and durable, not easily changing wind direction.
  4. This portable handheld fan features a smooth lipstick design and comes with three built-in blades made of silicone, making it soft and stable. An ultra safe point is that when accidentally touched by both hands, the blade will automatically close. It needs to be opened again. Please rest assured that these soft blades will not harm you.
Handheld mini fan Handheld mini fan Handheld mini fan

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